Bringing Up the Rear: Jennifer’s Take on Lakeway Resort and Spa

I just want to start off with this picture, taken on our second night at Lakeway Resort and Spa:

Beautiful, right? Let’s back up several hours, before I arrived at our weekend destination. At work, I was preparing for a client meeting that required us to fly to New Jersey. We had lots of materials to assemble and prepare. Like you do, I had high hopes that I could swoop into work early, get it all done like a master, and happily sashay out of the office around 3:30 that afternoon, in time to make it to happy hour at the Lakeway Resort and Spa. What really happened was about what you’d expect: chaos ensued at work, and I didn’t get out of there until 6:30, and I still had to drop our meeting materials at FedEx and make super, duper, extra, triple secret probation sure that the materials would be delivered to the hotel, so they’d be waiting for me when I arrived in the Garden State on Sunday evening.

One of the first things to love about Lakeway Resort and Spa is that it’s not very far away. I work off of 360, near Bee Caves Road, and I made in there in thirty minutes. Most excellent! I missed happy hour, but arrived in plenty of time to partake in the jovial Friday night atmosphere of Josey’s Bar and Grill. I had the nachos and opted to add barbecued brisket to the mix. Definitely recommend! Lori, who was sitting next to me, had the fried chicken BLT sandwich, which looked just amazing, and Nicole had the quesadillas. Everyone was more than happy with their food choices. The waiters at the restaurant were friendly and fun, and were diligent about meeting our needs and keeping our glasses full.

When we’d had enough food and drinks, we headed back to our rooms. I found the room I shared with Shannon to be well-appointed and very comfortable. I kind of wish I was sleeping in one of the beds right this very minute, in fact. We had a nice balcony that overlooked the water, and it was just beautiful. The generous staff had left a hat for each of us. Shannon and I had an arm wrestling contest for who would get to keep the green hat, and I am happy to say that I beat her handily. Ok, what really happened was that she is nicer than I am, and she gave me the green hat. Even when I tried to give it to her, she refused. Let the record show!Advertisement

I could not publish my post without sharing this picture. It’s a coffee bar by morning, and a wine/alcohol bar by evening. So cool!

On Saturday morning, we were treated to a great breakfast, and then we all went our separate ways to explore and see to our spa treatments. Nicole and I chose the San Saba Pedicure. I am happy to report that my feet have not been so smooth since… well, since ever. The women who gave us our pedicures were named Amber and Tran, and they were excellent! I just sat here, hands idle, for a good thirty seconds while I imagined the peppermint mask and calf/foot massage I had. So good. The whole pedicure lasted over an hour, and included the usual pedicure stuff, as well as a couple massages and a paraffin foot wrap, complete with these cute cloth boots to keep in the heat. I am now sporting sassy dark blue toenails, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience we had at the San Saba Spa!

I know the others already covered most other details of our weekend in paradise, so I want to leave you with this: Shannon’s allergies were bothering her, ::shaking my fist at you, CEDAR!:: and she mentioned that a humidifier would help her out. She wouldn’t let me call and ask for a humidifier in the middle of the night, so I made my way to the front desk after breakfast on Saturday morning. For the record, they do not have humidifiers. However, what absolutely blew me away was that the young man at the front desk offered to send someone out to CVS to pick one up for us. That is service, people. I did not take him up on his offer, but the fact that he offered at all tells me that the Lakeway Resort and Spa is doing it right. Good, nay, excellent customer service is hard to find these days, but it is alive and well at the Lakeway Resort and Spa. Thank you so very much for hosting us. We will definitely be back!

We here at Livemom have a signature pose. I leave you with a picture of Catherine, THE Livemom, striking it the only way she knows how: AWESOME.