Dentist for the Wee Ones

I’m wondering what age is appropriate for bringing kids to the dentist. Is it as soon as all of their teeth come in or once the permanent ones start to make their appearance?

And while we are on the subject of taking little ones to the dentist, do you happen to have a recommendation for a good pediatric dentist? What about a family dentist who will see you and your kids to make it super easy? North Austin/ Pflugerville/ Round Rock area is preferred, but I will travel a bit if they are really worth it!Advertisement

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  1. As a mom who just had my 3-year-old’s 3 cavities fixed I would say that sooner is better. We don’t eat a lot of sugar and insist on brushing every day, but as the dentist said, some kids are just prone to them. If we had waited, he could have been in a lot of pain and it might have cost us a lot more in the long run.

  2. I’ve been taking my kids to the dentist since they had their first teeth.. around age 1. They go every 6 months. I can’t/won’t recommend our pflugerville pediatric dentist because we had a couple of bad experiences with him. We’re looking to change and Dr. Kelsey Bookmyer name has come up from several friends that love her.

    Good Luck!

  3. This has come up with a few moms at my studio ~ we started at three. Finding the right atmosphere is important – I would recommend stopping by the dentist without your little ones first. Once you get them there its a little too late to back out.

    I would recommend both Dr. Updyke and Dr. Mendoza at Austin Children’s Dentistry ( They are in Round Rock and over newar Anderson Mill.

  4. Thanks for the recommendations. I think I may try out Austin Children’s Dentistry. I will be crossing my fingers that there are no cavities!!

  5. Took my son at age 2 1/2. He was still using the occassional pacifier but the dentist put a stop to that. The dentist could already see how it was negatively affecting my son’s mouth and speech. We threw the pacifiers out that day and after six months, the dentist said that his mouth is back to normal. So glad we went. Thankfully, the teeth have been cavity free so far. We use Dr. Bain with Small Smiles dentistry. They are located at 619 Heatherwilde, right in Pflugerville, TX!

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