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HONK 2015
HONK!TX 2015 Poster by Allyson Lipkin

HONK!TX is a nonprofit, community-driven festival that brings brass bands from around the country to perform absolutely free in the public spaces of Austin, TX. This year’s festival will take place from March 27-29, 2015.

Performing an array of genres ranging from European Klezmer and Balkan, to New Orleans second-line brass music, spectacular bands will come from far and wide this year to transform everyday locations around Austin into organic stages, where the line between crowd and performers dissolves and music, mirth and mayhem are born. Harking back to a time when festivities and entertainment were not something created for the enjoyment of a passive audience, but rather an experience created through the participation of each and every person involved, HONK!TX is more than just a music festival; it is a celebration of community, collaboration, individuality, and creative expression.

The merry mayhem of HONK!TX is only possible by the collective energy and enthusiasm of the local community. A committee of incurably passionate HONK!ers works tirelessly to create the spectacle and magic of HONK!TX with, and for, the Austin community. Along with this troupe of die-hard organizers, scores of volunteers donate time, energy, vehicles, and even open their homes to visiting musicians. Bands travel long distances to perform at great personal expense, having only some of their costs covered. Local businesses and citizens generously support HONK!TX financially and through in-kind donations.Advertisement

HONK!TX takes its name and inspiration from Somerville’s HONK! fest and Seattle‘s HONK! Fest West, and draws upon the common themes and visions these festivals share with us: music, community, and public space. The first HONK! festival took place in 2006 in Somerville, Massachusetts, when local community street band Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society set about envisioning and creating a festival to celebrate the growing nationwide community of activist marching bands and the community-rooted union of art, activism, and music. Since its birth in Somerville, HONK! Fest has inspired sister festivals to emerge across North America, including HONK! Fest West in Seattle, PRONK! In Providence, RI, HONK! NYC, in Brooklyn, and of course, HONK!TX.

The best place to stay tuned to up-to-the-minute information about the 5th Annual HONK!TX is on the Facebook event page, although you can also peruse the HONK!TX website for more information about the festival and the bands performing.


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