Feature: Casey Chapman Ross, Super Mario whiz… and professional photographer

Here at LiveMom, we love meeting new moms (and dads) doing interesting things around town. Our monthly Feature series give us an excuse to learn more about these hardworking Austinites. Our April feature is local photographer extraordinaire, Casey Chapman Ross.

Casey and I met at the now-closed pre-preschool Gorgeous Millie, where mothers and children all played together in one beautiful space. Casey often photographed the holiday parties, and her son Liam, then just a baby, toddled around after her. Since then, Casey has gone on to become an acclaimed photographer for the Democratic party in Austin, and has even taken photos of President Obama.

She has also been the official photographer for the Listen To Your Mother Austin show for the past two years, and has captured some lovely moments with the cast and production crew.

Casey Chapman Ross is a living dynamo, and I wanted to know more about her and share that with the LiveMom audience.

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LiveMom: How long have you lived in Austin, and what brought you here?

Casey: My parents moved from Garland, TX to Austin when I was 2 and I’ve been here ever since!

LiveMom: How many kids do you have, and what are their ages?

Casey: I have 2 kiddos of my own, Liam – 6 and Logan – 3. I am always lucky to have a beautiful and talented step-daughter, Mariah – 23.

LiveMom: What is your idea of a perfect day with the family in Austin?

Casey: A perfect day would be sleeping in > picnicking and playing in the park > a nap > having friends and family over for dinner and playing ridiculous games.

LiveMom: If you had 24 hours to yourself in Austin, how would you spend it?

Casey: 24 hours to myself would be filled with napping, getting a massage, probably getting a pedicure, did I mention napping?, binge watching something good without interruption, snacking all day and laying in the sun for a bit 😀

LiveMom: What do you like best about Austin? What would you change, if you could?

Casey: I love Austin’s entrepreneurial spirit. Being surrounded by people breaking the box and doing their own thing is contagious and inspiring! I would change our transportation system to mass transit to avoid so much highway driving, although I’m not on it very often, I-35 is my least favorite thing about Austin.

LiveMom: What’s one piece of unsolicited advice you’d give to a new mom?

Casey: Sleep training – everyone is better for it if you just set some boundaries on sleep times/place. It is nearly impossible to take this advice with the first child, but boy does it make a difference. With my second I stuck it in their for a month soothing but not picking her up with every cry and I’ve been grateful ever since that I can sleep in my own bed!!

LiveMom: What is the best thing one mom can do for another?
AdvertisementCasey: The best thing we can do for each other is provide support, listen, don’t judge, build each other up and encourage new adventures and ideas that we have. 

LiveMom: What kind of music do you like? Any local musicians? Kids musicians?

Casey: My favorite music is old r&b, 50’s, 60’s, Michael Jackson, and maybe most of all, ELVIS.

LiveMom: What’s the best way to keep up with what you are up to next?

Casey: Facebook is currently my most up to date platform for information.

LiveMom: What might we be surprised to learn about you?

Casey: I relax by organizing and taking on home improvements projects I don’t always finish 😉 and I like mowing the lawn. (I just made myself yawn, OMG I’m boring!!)

LiveMom: What is your job, what is your title, and what do you love about your job?

Casey: I’m a blue photographer in a red state! Haha. More technically speaking, I am an events and portrait photographer passionate about progressive people and movements.

LiveMom: Do you have any charitable organizations you like to work with/ donate to/ volunteer for locally? 

Casey: For many years I have worked closely with People’s Community Clinic, as they help provide medical care to those in need and I whole heartedly believe our healthcare and insurance systems are completely broken.

LiveMom: What is your secret talent?

Casey: Sometimes my son calls me in to beat certain levels on Super Mario Bros 😉

Where to find Casey:


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