Feature: Jamille Ruebsahm, Non-profit Superstar

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If you live in Austin and have ever seen a Salvation Army commercial, you have seen Jamille Ruebsahm. She has a high-visibility job with the Salvation Army, and represents the organization both on TV and on the radio, most recently with the Salvation Army’s Radiothon in conjunction with Majic 95.5. On top of that, she is the mother of two small children.

I met Jamille through the now-closed activity center for mothers and children called Gorgeous Millie, and we discovered that we had several mutual friends. And a love for homemade chocolate ganache. Last month, I joined Jamille at the Radiothon to answer the phone, and unfortunately got lost and was an hour late for my shift. She forgave me.

Jamille is a giving, loving, dynamic woman, and I wanted to know more about her and share that with the LiveMom audience.

Jamille 2
Jamille with her husband Ryan and their children David and Mary.

LiveMom: What is your job, what is your title, and what do you love about working with the Salvation Army?

I am the Director of Development for The Salvation Army in Austin.  I feel privileged to work for an organization that has stayed true to its mission of serving those in the greatest need for more than 125 years here in Austin. The Salvation Army is serving the fastest growing population of those experiencing homelessness: women and children.

I believe in sharing your blessings, I believe in building up all people by giving a hand up and I strongly believe women should always support other women.  So to me, I have the perfect job.

LiveMom: How long have you lived in Austin, and what brought you here?

Jamille: My husband, Ryan, and I met in undergrad at UT and after a short stint in New York we moved back to Austin in 2004.  We feel very blessed to be able to live in the greatest city in the great state of Texas.

LiveMom: How many kids do you have, and what are their ages?

Jamille:  David is four, and Mary is seven months old.

LiveMom: What is your idea of a perfect day with the family in Austin?

Jamille: I love getting up with my kiddos, making breakfast together in our PJs and then heading out to go on what we call a Nature Walk at one of our favorite Austin parks.  I’d then love to hit up a great kid-friendly lunch spot like Hat Creek or Waterloo.  Then we are (thankfully) still in the stage where we all cherish nap time…both kids down for a bit and we get a little time to enjoy the quiet.  To top the day off, it would be perfect with a night out with my husband and some friends to a fabulous restaurant and “fun” cocktails and, of course, some live music.

LiveMom: If you had 24 hours to yourself in Austin, how would you spend it?Advertisement
Jamille: I would most likely rinse and repeat the above but add in a massage and a little me time during nap time.

LiveMom: What do you like best about Austin? What would you change, if you could?

Jamille: I love the spirit of Austin.  I love that we are still a growing city where possibilities seem around every corner.  I love that the University of Texas is here and that although we are so much bigger now in many of our hearts we are still a college town.  Austin will always be the place I fell in love with my husband, had my children, and where my heart will always be.

I don’t know if I would change anything but I would figure out how to make sure the spirit of Austin doesn’t change with the growth.  I love big cities and I’m excited Austin is growing.  I hope with our growth we can keep the independent spirit that we all love alive.

LiveMom: What’s one piece of unsolicited advice you’d give to a new mom?

Jamille: Don’t borrow trouble.  There are plenty of things that we will have to deal with down the road…don’t worry about something that you aren’t dealing with yet.
Someone once told me, “The days are long but the years go by fast.”  These are some of the most truthful words I’ve heard since being a mom and I say them weekly to my husband.  I try to cherish the  moments of chaos because as cliche as it sounds, “I can’t believe David is already four.”

LiveMom: What is the best thing one mom can do for another?

Jamille: Have her back.  Even though we don’t all have the same parenting styles or philosophies the one thing we all have in common is our love for our children and our passion to ensure they have every opportunity they deserve.

LiveMom: What kind of music do you like? Any local musicians? Kids musicians?

Jamille: I love all music.  I love to listen to Texas Country, Cory Morrow, Pat Green, Drew Womack, Jack Ingram and Walt and Tina Wilkins.  Our kids love to listen to Mr. Will ( Will Dupuy); we all have every song memorized and I think I could sing the entire CD from start to finish without prompting.

LiveMom: What’s the best way to keep up with what you are up to next?

Jamille:  I’m terrible at social media so the best way is to call me and we can set up lunch or coffee.  I’m a bit old school; I still prefer talking over texting and I most prefer to catch up over a cup of coffee or good glass of wine.

LiveMom: Do you have any other charitable organizations you like to work with/ donate to/ volunteer for locally?

Jamille:  The Junior League of Austin, MD Anderson – Emerge team, Texas 4000, The University of Texas

LiveMom: What is your secret talent?

Jamille:  If I share it, won’t be my secret anymore :)

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  1. Jamille is an awesome lady whom we are very fortunate to have on our staff. I love, many things about her but enthusiasm and positive attitude stands out most. I enjoyed reading the article, way to go Jamille!!!

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