Love is in the Air: LiveMom’s Top Romance Movies

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to come up with a list of our contributor’s favorite movies that are heavy on the romance! Go ahead and cuddle up with your loved one for some romantic binge watching right before Valentine’s Day.

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Legally Blonde: It’s the story of a bright young woman who has never been taken seriously by the people around her.  She finds out how much she’s really capable of, and meets a great guy in the process who really appreciates her.

10 Things I Hate About You: Cute high school kids navigating the differences between their public personas and real selves.  Humor, drama, and multiple happy endings.  RIP Heath Ledger.


Amelie: It’s quirky, it’s funny, it’s got a great soundtrack. Amelie’s loneliness is palpable, which is why when she and Nino tool through the streets of Paris on a scooter at the end, I weep tears of joy and relief for film’s most likable heroine.

Say Anything: Another romantic movie with a stunner of a soundtrack. Lloyd Dobler is flawed but more than meets his friend’s exhortation that “anyone can be a boy, Lloyd. Be a man.”


Wedding Singer:  Not the movie most people when they think of romantic, but I love comedies, the 80s and Adam Sandler so this movie is one of my all time favorites. One of the very last scenes when Adam Sandler sings a love song (“I want to grow old with you”) to Drew Barrymore on the plane is the sweetest.
Pretty Woman: Who doesn’t love this movie?! Julia Roberts is adorable in this movie, and Richard Gere is a silver fox! Their love story is untraditional yet perfect.
Jane Eyre: There are several versions of Jane Eyre, and really, any of them will do just fine. This is one of only a few books and movies that I will watch or read every couple of years. Set in the 19th century, Jane Eyre escapes a childhood of tragedy to become a governess. It’s a classic tale of falling in love with someone who has a deep, dark secret that is revealed as the plot thickens. But love prevails through even more tragedy in poor Jane’s life.
Home for the Holidays: This holiday movie features one of my favorites, Holly Hunter, with Dylan McDermott and Robert Downey, Jr. (swoon). Mix a group of super quirky characters with a little fallin’ in love and you’ve got a winner of a romantic movie. And I’m a little obsessed with holiday movies so it’s really quite perfect.
 What’s your favorite romantic movie?
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