Maclaren Recall

Maclaren, the hip strollers that are made in England, has issued a voluntary recall on one million single and double umbrella strollers that have been sold in America from 1999 to present. Seems that about one dozen children have lost their fingertips (ouch!!) when opening the stroller. Maclaren will send a repair kit that will cover the hinge mechanism to make the stroller safe to use. Until then, may be a good idea to park it until you can get the hinge cover.

The models affected by the recall include:  Volo, Triumph, Quest Sport, Quest Mod, Techno XT, TechnoXLR, Twin Triumph, Twin Techno and Easy Traveller from 1999 – 2009.

How do you get this repair kit?

  • Order one from the website.
  • Call the Maclaren Recall Hotline: 877-688-2326
  • Call the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission): 800-638-2772

Beware: as you can probably imagine, they are being inundated with calls and hits to their website, so patience is in order!!

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2 Comments on Maclaren Recall

  1. It is now acknowledged in the US that a range of Maclaren strollers are unsafe. And to address this, free safety kits are being provided to all owners. These are the same models that are sold in the UK. Are Maclaren more worried about a litigious US consumer who may join together for a class action? Or are UK fingers just cheaper than US ones? Just one accident to any child anywhere is an issue these are children we are talking about.

  2. Yes, Maclaren are more worried about a litigious US market. This recall is clearly designed to prevent class action. It wouldn’t happen in the UK and isn’t necessary there because the laws are different, but also because UK parents know how to use common sense, and to distinguish a ‘dangerous product’ from ‘dangerous use’ of a product. THIS IS NOT A DESIGN FLAW! Just as you would make sure your child’s fingers are far from a car door when you’re closing it, you should make sure they’re nowhere near these hinges when opening and closing a stroller. The stroller’s manual says as much – if anyone would bother to read it. When accidents happen, as they will, parents shouldn’t be so desperate to point the finger of blame at a big bad corporate giant.

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