Parenting Class: Redirecting Children’s Behavior

Empathy Parenting is starting a new class, Redirecting Children’s Behavior, to take place over a five week period starting on Sunday, May 17, 2015.


Emily Mathon, local mom and class coach says, “My daughter began asserting herself right about her first birthday. She started with the wet noodle, going boneless to free herself from my grasp. Before she was born I had decided I would not spank, yell, or use time-outs as parenting strategies, but as my headstrong girl got older and developed more sophisticated ways of saying no, those tools looked more and more appealing. Before trying those options, however, I found a parenting class that interested me called Redirecting Children’s Behavior, or RCB. A colleague of mine was teaching it at a local church and I decided to check it out.”

em and indigo
Emily and her daughter

The RCB parenting class validated her desire to raise her daughter with love and support while offering effective tools to guide her in ways that worked for the entire household. She wanted a self-assured, confident, creative child as well as a child who respected others’ boundaries and needs, was empathetic to others, and who could cooperate with both her peers and adults. RCB offered a flexible framework that made these desires achievable and real.
Mathon began teaching the class a few years ago in Central Austin and will be offering another series at Baby Earth in Round Rock starting on May 17th. If you are looking for tools that are both effective and respectful and enjoy learning in a group environment, this may be the perfect class.

  • Day/Time: Sundays from 2-5 pm
  • Dates: 5/17, 5/24, 5/31, 6/7, and 6/14
  • Location: BabyEarth 106 E. Old Settlers Rd. Round Rock
  • Cost: $350 per couple, includes Redirecting Children’s Behavior book and workbook.


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