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Do you and your family enjoy dining out? Have you ever wondered what the “behind the scenes” in the kitchen is really like? Is it dirty or clean? Do the employees really wash their hands as frequently as they should? Are they up-to-date on all of the codes?

I used to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant on N. Lamar fairly often when I was working full-time. It was right around the corner from where I worked and the food was excellent… the best Pho around, in my opinion. Then I saw the latest inspection by the City of Austin- rat droppings in the kitchen were among the citations given along with an unsanitary kitchen, rodent problems, employees not washing their hands properly. Ugh…… I never ate there again. Good-bye good Pho!Advertisement
Did you know that you can check out your favorite restaurants most recent inspection scores through the City of Austin? Never again eat in a rat infested hole in the wall! I’ve been searching for my favorite restaurants over the past couple of days and am surprised at some of the findings! Have fun on your search.

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