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Is it just me or do your kids also attempt to thwart all of your efforts to be the perfectly patient mom by getting out of bed for a million different reasons at at bedtime? It goes something like this:

All snuggly in bed, freshly bathed with their favorite jammies on, you read their favorite story (Goodnight Moon, for example).

They interrupt your reading three or four times with questions, the same ones that they have asked you each night for the past year, as their favorite book hasn’t changed. You are still hanging onto your patience, anxious to get the little critters to sleep for that much needed quiet time with tea (or wine, tequila….).

They look at you with those sweet eyes and ask for just one more story, mama. Ok, just one more, darling.

You tuck them in tight, telling them not to let the bed bugs bite when you instantly realize as the words slide out of your mouth how it was a horrible mistake to mention bugs in their beds. This sets you back on your quiet time at least ten minutes as the little darling is really honestly scared that there are bugs in their bed. Shoot.

Once they are calm again, you head towards the door, a smile on your face, wishing your favorite little person a peaceful sleep. And then they insist on gathering all of their stuffed animals into bed with them. Ok, ok. Maybe, you reason, if they have the animals, they will fall fast asleep with their stuffed, furry friends by their side.

Out the door you go only to be called back in a minute later because they heard a noise outside. And then you kind of lose it, just a little. Your voice creeps up louder than you would like, the smile all but gone from your face, as you instruct them to JUST GO TO SLEEP ALREADY!

Sound familiar?Advertisement
If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the beloved children’s book, Goodnight Moon, this is it. It’s a dance we all do as parents, and one that is quite entertaining to watch on stage at ZACH Theater as the characters in the beloved children’s book comes to life in an hour long musical that will  both entertain and delight the young and the old in the crowd.

I braved the day and brought along my daughter and two of her friends to see the show on opening day, thanks to an invitation from ZACH. The girls were spell bound, asking me over and over again throughout the performance, “How do they do that?”. They were most impressed with the constellation light show and the bed that plays some nasty tricks on Bunny. And, of course, they just had to see if the cow really would be able to jump over the moon. No spoilers here, though.

If, like us, this would be your first trip to the theater with your kiddos, do it! It’s money and time well spent. And it just might shine a comical light later on that night when your kids climb out of bed for the tenth time.

Goodnight Moon is geared towards children ages 3 and up. It will be playing at ZACH Theater weekends through March 23, 2013. You can find ticket and general information on their website.

ZACH Theater provided LiveMom with tickets to the show for free. There was no compensation for this reviews. All opinions expressed are my own.


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