Review of Plus and Minus: The Vacation Adventure

Over the weekend, I was happy to take the whole family on a little outing to the Long Center to see the latest production from Pollyanna Theatre Company, Plus and Minus: The Vacation Adventure. This production tells the story of two friends, Addie Plus and Minus Takeaway, who set out on their first vacation together but run into a little trouble with the actions of sneaky character, Slice McGillacutty. In this play geared towards children 4-7, playwright Katherine Gee Perrone introduces basic math concepts while also teaching children of the value of compromise and how to respect others.

The set is colorful and bright with ever-changing backdrops. And the cast is lively, engaging, and highly entertaining. There were big laughs from kids of all ages (adults, too). Going to this show was such a delightful way for my whole family to spend an afternoon together.


Plus and Minus: Vacation Adventure is showing during the week for school groups, but there are also still three remaining shows for the public:pollyanna

  • May 17th at 2pm and 4pm
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  • May 18th at 2pm

Tickets range from $9-$12.50 and can be purchased online on the Long Center website, or by phone at 512-474-5664, or day-of at the box office.
Parents, homeschoolers, teachers and group leaders can download a comprehensive Study Guide for Plus and Minus: Vacation Adventure.

Pollyanna Theatre Company offers shows to the public on the weekends, but during the week they are sharing their plays with school-age children in the Austin area. The founders of Pollyanna Theatre Company believe that theatre is a powerful teaching tool that speaks to people of all ages in a unique and powerful way through a variety of visual, aural, and emotional languages. And theatre should be a part of all general education from Kindergarten through adulthood. The Pollyanna Theatre Company believes that being an audience member at live theatrical events is a right, not a privilege to be enjoyed by only the members of society who can pay for inclusion in our audience. Therefore, the company and its Directors are actively involved in providing the resources needed to include the most challenged segments of our service area, regardless of their individual ability to pay. For more information about how your school can schedule a performance, visit the Pollyanna Theatre Company website.


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