The Seaweed Bath Co. Review and Giveaway!

My twelve year old son has suffered from eczema for his entire life. He had the tell-tale markings of it on his arms and legs as a baby and toddler. Then, as he grew into a pre-schooler, he started to grow out of it. For many years, it was not so much of a problem; an occasional spot would flare up here and there, but nothing as bad as it was when he was younger. And then, last year, he had a major eczema outbreak that has yet to go away. He’s seen an allergist several times, a dermatologist and a pediatrician, all who prescribe different meds without producing much of a change. It feels as if we’ve tried every type of lotion there is that claims to help. We’ve used allergy medications, steroid creams, antibiotics, steroids….. Nothing really works to clear it up.

We know that a lot of it has to do with his incessant scratching, which he seems to have developed almost as a nervous habit now– the more stress he’s under, the more he scratches, the more it spreads and becomes less likely to heal. It’s a vicious cycle, one that I am having a tough time breaking. For a child in middle school, he’s having an especially difficult time, constantly making sure he has a long-sleeved jacket to cover up as much as he can.

I was playing around one day on Twitter when I came across The Seaweed Bath Company. Launched in September of 2010,  The Seaweed Bath Co. is a line of all-natural, seaweed-based bath products designed to combat dry, flaking and scaling skin.  The product line was created by Adam Grossman,  a long-time psoriasis sufferer, to treat his own skin without harsh chemicals or medications.  The line includes Seaweed Powder Baths, Body Washes, Body Butters and Whole Seaweed Baths.  The products combine organic seaweed with 100% natural ingredients such as kukui oil, argan oil, neem oil, vitamin E and aloe vera.  All products are dye free, paraben free and SLS free.  And… they are based right here in Austin, Texas!

AdvertisementI contacted them to see if they would be interested in having me review the products. I was curious to see if it worked, yet hesitant to spend even more money on a product that wouldn’t make a difference.  Luckily for us, they agreed to send some products for us to try and for a giveaway for LiveMom readers!  Honestly, I have to say that out of all of the products that I’ve tried on my son, this is his very favorite! He ran out of the packets of bath powder and requested more, even going so far as reminding me to order them! That’s a twist in our household– I am typically the one reminding him to do something.

The bath powders smell great and are very calming on his skin. During and after his bath, the entire upper floor of our house smells refreshing, like eucalyptus, lavender or citrus.  The powders have alleviated a lot of the itching to help him sleep better, and, although it has not relieved his symptoms entirely, it has made a big difference. I was happy to finally find something that helped. We’ve recently received our order from them– more bath powder, body butter and some samples of body wash. He ripped the box open as soon as he came home from school and hopped into the tub!

GIVEAWAY!! Do you or someone in your family suffer from eczema or psoriasis? Would you like to try one out for yourself? Leave a comment below! I will pick four random winners who will receive one package of Ocean-Fresh Whole Seaweed Bath powder, valued at $13.59 each. The deadline to enter is Saturday, February 26, 2011 at midnight.

If you have any other suggestions on things that have helped out with yours or a family member’s eczema, please share!

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  1. Both my parents and my daughters suffer from eczema and psoriasis. My toddler and 5 month old have it pretty bad. My oldest even itches herself awake at night. But the steroid creams burn her skin a bit and left a discoloration on her elbow. I would love to try this out!

  2. I’d actually heard about these products, so the chance to give them a try before I buy to see if it helps is always worth a roll of the dice, thanks.


  3. Thanks to my husbands genes all three of my girls have eczema. I am always looking for a product that would ease their itch!

  4. I have sebhorreic dermatitis, as well as some eczema on my hands– and both my boys seem to have eczema as well. Would love to try something new! Want to stay off the steroids for a while …

  5. I read about this product, the Body Butter for Dry Patches, on who referred me to this site. I have suffered terribly from eczema and some areas of my body are far worse than others. When I read about this product for spot treatment for dry patches, I almost fell off my chair. I have tried so many products, both prescription and over the counter, without great success on a long term basis, I refuse to take medication because I think that causes other, far worse, problems. I don’t have the financial resources to keep purchasing products to use once and then the rest goes to waste because it does nothing for me. I’d love to try the treatment, the one for spot tratment on very dry patches of skin. My birthday is Sunday, February 27 and this product, and I’m assuming it works because it was given the thumbs up by, would be the best present I could ever receive. Thank you for this giveaway. And as much as I’d love to win this product, so too, would everyone else responding to this giveaway because only those suffering terribly from this awful condition would enter this giveaway, hoping that this product would ease or end their suffering. Good luck to all!!!!!

    I also retweeted about this giveaway on my twitter page (@DianeLori)

    Diane K.
    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

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  7. I love the body wash, its been working miracles on my dry bumby arms and legs. The citrus flavor smells great and I bough the lotion too which is wonderful. A non greasy body lotion that actaully hydrates the skin without leaving it feeling greasy. I LOVE IT- SEAWEED BATH CO, YOU ROCK

  8. The unscented Body lotion is really great. I bought the shampoo to as an alternative to my very chemically filled Head and Shoulders. I like the way it takes away my dandruff and its paraben free and dye free too.

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