The Wubbulous (and Secret) World of Dr Seuss

Recently, I took my sons (ages 4 and 5 years) down to Art on 5th to check out the new permanent Secret Art of Dr Seuss exhibit. Let me tell you, internet, it was awesome! We headed down around 11 in the morning on a weekday, and we had the place to ourselves. We were greeted by a friendly Art on 5th staffer who didn’t look at all irritated or unnerved by the presence of my sons. She encouraged us to look around and let her know if we have any questions.

There are easily over one hundred pieces of art on display, ranging from simple pencil drawings, all the way to amazing brass sculptures. I was struck by how vivid his artwork is, and I loved the comical names he gave a lot of his pieces. My kids loved the nonsensical pictures and sculptures and the bright colors and the fact that they recognized a lot of the characters from the books we have at home.

If you’re in the market for something awesome to adorn your walls, you’re in luck! Art on 5th has every piece of work in the Secret Art of Dr Seuss collection for sale on their website. Dr Charles Cohen, author of four books on Dr Seuss’ life and art recorded a very interesting video at the museum, and talked about many pieces in detail. You should definitely check out his video before you head to the exhibit. You can find the video here.

One last thing: at the entrance to the exhibit (where Dr Cohen is standing at the beginning of his video, right under Horton in the picture below), James dropped his miniature Tech Deck skateboard behind the display at the bottom left of the doorway (right before you go down a couple stairs where the sculptures are). If you go, would you please see if you can find it? 😉Advertisement
A few pictures, to entice you to visit even more!

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