Whirled Peas Baby Food Review and Giveaway

Whirled Peas Baby Food is an Austin company that was started by a local mom who knows just how busy parents are these days, but who also knows that feeding kids healthy, organically and sustainably-grown ingredients that are sourced from local producers whenever possible is important for their growing bodies. With that in mind, Hilary Simon created a local Austin baby food delivery service that will drop fresh baby food off at  your front door!

Hilary offered some samples to us, but, since I do not have a baby taste-tester (yet), I went to a friend and local mama, Sandra, for help in reviewing the products.

If you would like to sample their freshly made baby food, be sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win! Now, on to the review….

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when LiveMom picked me to review products from Whirled Peas Baby Food. As a mother, I look for the important factors when feeding my kids. I find myself asking questions as I shop for food and track down recipes. Is it healthy? Is it nutritious? And with all life can throw at you, is it CONVENIENT?

My little guy just turned 9 months, but he has the appetite of a 300lb defensive tackle. He loves food, loves snacks, and loves to eat in general, but as we have started the process of transitioning him to food with more texture, feeding time has become a bit like seeing a Gallagher show live. He has recently mastered the art of spitting the food he does not like right back out with the force of a volcanic eruption. This has made feeding time challenging as of late. Since he started solids, I have done my best to try and make his baby food myself. One reason for this was that I liked the idea of knowing what was going into my kid’s body was as close to its purest form as possible. Another reason was, my boy can down some groceries, so it was much more cost effective for me to make my own as opposed to loading up on the store bought products. However, as life can do, things have become hectic, and I find myself with less and less time to keep up with making my own food. I tried the whole make it and freeze it method, but it seemed like my supplies would dwindle at a most inopportune time for preparing more.

That is when I started researching local businesses that specialize in making fresh baby food. Through that search, I stumbled upon Whirled Peas Baby Food, and the products sounded like something my kiddo would eat….and hopefully not spout back at me. All of their products contain organic and sustainably-grown ingredients sourced from local producers whenever possible. That was a notable plus for me.

Via LiveMom, Hilary Simon at Whirled Peas contacted me right away and had me take a look at the products on their website to decide what product and texture would best fit my little one’s eating habits. The company offers stages of food to help your baby throughout the changing stages of eating. As I mentioned before, my baby is still adjusting to food with more texture, so Hilary guided me towards the mixed purees. She mentioned that they would be happy to adjust the food with more or less texture as needed after the initial tasting.

The food was ordered and dropped off on my doorstep within a few days, in a cooler with ice packs. Convenient? Yes, indeed!

The first few flavors we tried were from the “Gummers” stage. We had the Banana and Blueberry Combo, the Broccoli/Rice Combo and Sweet Potatoes and Chicken.

The food came in small plastic containers that were labeled and dated. It smelled and looked delicious, but it was time for the true test. Would my guy eat it AND swallow it?Advertisement

With my raincoat ready, we tried it out and YES he did eat it, and seemed to love every bite! I tried some of the Banana/Blueberry Combo myself, and I must say, it WAS wonderful!

After finishing off the food over the course of the next few days, we simply left our cooler bag on our porch, and lo and behold the magic “Whirled Peas Fairies” came before the crack of dawn and dropped off a new bag of goodies!

Overall, we are thrilled with both the customer service and the food from Whirled Peas Baby Food! The convenience of delivery and the confidence in knowing you are feeding your child a quality product is very comforting.

Not needing to clean “sprayed” baby food off the walls and ceiling is also an added plus!

GIVEAWAY: Would you like to try out Whirled Peas Baby Food? Two lucky winners will receive 4 jars of baby food (a $22 value). The winners will be notified via email and selected randomly. The deadline to enter is Friday, January 13, 2012 at midnight. To enter, you must live within the greater Austin area as the food is delivered fresh to your door. If you live outside of their delivery area, please be sure to read about the options for delivery or picking up here.

What do you have to do to win? You have two chances! 1.) Fill out the form below. 2.) Like Whirled Peas Baby Food on Facebook, then come back here to leave a comment telling us you like them on Facebook.

Lastly, if you are interested in ordering baby food from Whirled Peas, use promo code “whirledpeas” for 25% off your order!

And many thanks to Sandra McBrayer for taking the time to review the products, write up the review and take photos for us! If you would like to read more about Sandra and her many adventures, you can follow her blog here.


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